If you’re reading this, you’re likely feeling some kind of stress about your money. You are not alone. In fact, as high as 42% of Canadians rank Money as the greatest stressor in their lives.

Maybe you’ve just started your first job out of school and feel overwhelmed by the responsibility for managing your finances for, really, the first time. Perhaps you’ve been working for a while, are earning a decent income, but worry that you’re not doing enough to plan for the future. Or you might be an entrepreneur or freelancer who is living your dream, but not so confident with making decisions about the financial aspects of your business.

However this money stress shows up in your life, there is one thing I can tell you for sure: you can and you will overcome it!

How do I know this? Simply because you’re here, reading this. You’re looking for guidance, which means you’ve already taken the first – and arguably most difficult – step of deciding that whatever you’ve got going on is no longer working for you. That something needs to change.

It’s tempting to avoid dealing with our money and life stress, allowing the fear that comes with reaching outside our comfort zone to paralyze us and cause us to feel stuck. Too many people settle for a job that’s fine for now, a credit card balance that won’t go away, and a happiness that will be felt “when I have more money”.

But not you.

You are brave. Change is scary, but for you, remaining stuck with financial stress is even scarier.

You are positive. You think in terms of what’s possible and have faith in your ability to figure this out (with help!).

You are responsible. The know that life you’re living today is a result of the choices you made yesterday, and now you want to make different choices in order to create something better.

You are ready. No more waiting for the perfect moment, it’s time to get started now.

This blog series is for you! It’s a place where you’ll find information, inspiration, and real conversations about money and more… because it’s never just about your money. It’s about your life.

I believe that the principles of creating a successful business also apply to creating a successful life. These principles include financial concepts like creating cash flow and managing expenses – and they also encompass the big picture stuff like having a vision for the future and a process to create and track goals. I like to think of this as the business of life.

In the business of life, it’s important to get the work done, and it’s equally important to enjoy the process. To allow ourselves to play, to experience the “being” within the “doing”.

So let’s get to work building our dreams – and let’s have some fun!





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