Tools & Apps

These are some tools I recommend using. Need help getting started? I’m here for you!


FreshBooks – An easy-to-use bookkeeping system for freelances and small business; creates branded invoices, allows time and expense tracking for projects and has online-payment capabilities. Everything you need when you’re just starting out!

Canadian Investment Fee Calculator – An incredible tool created by Sandi Martin at Spring Personal Finance, this Google Sheet allows you to compare the cost of investing across Canada with online portfolio management companies like Nest Wealth, Justwealth, WealthBar, Steadyhand, Wealthsimple, BMO SmartFolio, Invisor, ModernAdvisor, and Portfolio IQ.


Mint – A powerful cash flow tracking tool that automatically tracks your spending against your budget. Just be warned that by providing your online banking info to this app you are technically giving your password to a third party, which might void the fraud protection provided by your banks.

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