Last week a client told me that I have “changed her life”.

That’s high praise for an accountant! I never expected to be making such an impact in people’s lives by filing tax returns and making cash flow plans. When I first started my career my work felt very transactional. Now I realize that it can also be transformational.

I’m in the business of money miracles.

What’s a money miracle? It’s making the shift from money as a source of stress to money as a source of empowerment. Let me show you what I mean. If a picture is worth a thousand words, what do these before and after pictures say to you?




I believe that the physical clutter in our lives is a manifestation of our emotional and mental clutter. The pictures above (which are REAL pictures from one of my clients!) tell me a story of someone who has gone from a place of “I can’t deal with all this money stuff” to “Money? I’ve got this!”. I am so proud of all my clients who have taken the brave step of acknowledging their money stress and who are doing something about it.

The more people I work with the more I understand just how deep rooted financial stress can be and how life changing it is to transform that stress into empowerment.

And not just for my clients, I feel it too.

A few months ago I shared that I’m not always great with my money and I was blown away by the response to that blog post. It was the most-read article I’ve ever published, and I received a lot of feedback from people saying how much they appreciated my radical honesty.

Here’s more honesty: I still have money stress. No longer in the form of “I don’t know what I’m doing”, it’s now “I’m not consistently doing what I know I should be doing”. This year I want to change that. This year, I am committed to practicing what I preach.

How about you?

If you’re ready to experience the life-changing magic of organizing your finances, let’s do it together. 

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