The pursuit of an unachievable goal.

That nasty voice in your head that tells you you’re not good enough so don’t even bother trying.

As a recovering perfectionist I know the struggle… and that’s why I’m launching this new video series!! It’s all about ditching perfectionism and embracing the messiness of business and life.

So what the heck is a messy bun moment? And what does it have to do with perfectionism?

Click the video below to find out!

Throw your hair in a messy bun, downward dog like a boss, and handle it.

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Not to get all meta on you but making this video was a messy bun moment for me. It’s not exactly what I imagined my “perfect video” would look like, but it’s my first step towards a bigger goal.


What’s the one thing you’ve been wanting to do for aaaaages but haven’t gotten started? (Tell me in the comments below!)

My Messy Bun Moment challenge for you: think of the smallest first step you could make towards that goal and JUST DO IT. This week. Bonus points if you do it while rocking a messy bun. 😛

Sometimes the first step is asking for help. Book a Clarity Call with me to take your first step towards creating the business and life you love.

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