This week’s blog is the second instalment in “Client Love”, a new series where I take you behind the scenes of what it’s like to work with me – as told by my clients.

Meet Joy, social entrepreneur and digital doula.

Joy empowers women to drive their own car (online!) through her Proud Peacock Online Presence Program. We met in early 2016 when I needed help organizing my own online presence. Side note: I am definitely a proud peacock for my own website – her WordPress wisdom is priceless!
When Joy learned what I was doing in my business as a money coach, she said “I need this!” She loves planning and was excited to do it more for her finances.

“You realize you can get to clarity with the support of someone like Lisa… It was like talking to a really smart friend! So real, such authenticity.”

Joy enjoys looking at numbers and understands it’s important. She felt she needed some support – some unbiased help to point out her blind spots and the things she couldn’t see for herself. She signed up for a few Clarity Calls to get started and acquaint herself with my services. We talked through what she really needed for her specific financial questions, and kept the conversation laser focused on figuring out how to get her where she wanted to go.  

“Lisa is a fun and open person – I love her perspective and how she focuses on the spiritual side, not just the practical and tactical.”

When Joy and I worked together, we approached planning using a perspective that comes from a heart-space. This helped to ensure that we really understood what we’re really working towards. Then, we could apply the practical, left-brain thinking to find her solution. It’s an approach I really enjoy.
In one of our calls we talked through an extensive money overhaul, dealing with stressful things like credit and banking. We talked about managing her finances in a different way and I suggested some specific tasks she could work through. Our conversation lifted some grey clouds of uncertainty that she was feeling, and reminded her of the appreciation and positivity she feels for what she currently has.

“Feel the fear and do it anyway!”

When we chatted about the advice that Joy would like to share with other entrepreneurs who are experiencing a financial challenge, she told me: “Being afraid isn’t an excuse to do nothing- ask for help! The benefits and the relief of the support you will receive from a financial professional outweigh that initial fear. It’s a leap of faith but working with a fun and easygoing person (like Lisa!) relieves some of the difficult feelings that come up when you begin to deal with the thing you’ve been avoiding.”
I’m delighted that I could help Joy feel the fear and do it anyway. I can’t wait to continue working with her as her journey and amazing career continue!

Are you ready to say “Let’s do this!” and tackle your financial fears? Help is just a Clarity Call away.

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